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General Troubleshooting


If you run into problem or encounter bugs while using SeptiSearch, try resetting the inputs to their original state, using the provided “Reset this page” buttons when available. Alternatively you can refresh your browser window to reload the app (CTRL+F5).

While refreshing the page will likely resolve most issues, it will reset all inputs/filters, meaning you will need to reapply any searches or inputs after the refresh.

“Perform Pathway Enrichment” & “Test for Enriched Sepsis Gene Sets” tabs

If you encounter a problem with the Perform Pathway Enrichment or Test for Enriched Sepsis Gene Sets tabs, please ensure your inputs match all the specified criteria for each tab before reporting the problem via a Github issue.

Submitting a GitHub issue

If you’ve tried resetting and refreshing the page, and ensured your inputs follow any given criteria, you can submit an issue to the SeptiSearch GitHub page using the link below. You simply need to create a free account, and follow the steps provided. Please provide as much detail as you can about the issue, including what steps you took when experiencing the problem. Screenshots, along with inputs (for the Perform Pathway Enrichment and Test for Enriched Sepsis Gene Sets tabs) are greatly encouraged.

Submit an issue

Use this link to create an issue on GitHub: